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   This transdermal roll on is tailored for women but may be used for men too. WIth discomfort in the abdominal region during that special time of the month, this product might find its way into your home. Clary sage essential oil is known to balance hormones, womens and mens. 

    The ingredients include Hawaiian blue ginger ( zingiber officinale), Black tumeric (curcuma caesia), CBD derived from hemp, organic cane ethanol, pharmecutical grade DMSO, Zechstein magnesium chloride oil, clary sage( salvia sclarea) essential oil, lavender ( Angustifolia lavender) essential oil, Peppermint ( Mentha x piperita). All "organic" ingredients.

MCR transdermal roll on

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Using this essential oil and a alcohol based tincture made from using the finest hemp in Mendocino County will bring satisfaction to your day. Liberally apply the roll on to areas of your body as needed. Wait about 10 minutes after rubbing the tincture into the skin. Options to use the Magnatrophe gel and Magnatrophe sublingual, on top of the Magnatrophe transdermal roll on, for maximum effect. Magnatrophe uses the highest quality cbd with other organic ingredients to create the most effective formulas. The use of Miron-Glass jars and bottles blocks most light protecting the potetncy of the ingredients and lengthens the durability of the product.  

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